HPUV type UV photocatalysis organic waste gas treatment equipment

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This product uses the special high-energy high ozone UV ultraviolet light beam to irradiate the malodorous gas and the TO2 photocatalysis, the catalytic decomposition malodorous gas like: nitrogen, the trimethylamine, the hydrogen sulfide, the methylthio hydrogen, the methyl mercaptan, the dimethyl disulfide, the carbon disulfide and the styrene, the sulfide H2S, the VOC class, the benzene, the toluene, the xylene molecular chain structure,The degradation of organic or inorganic polymer chains of malodorous compounds, such as CO2, H2O, etc. to low molecular weight compounds in the presence of a high energy ultraviolet light beam.


The photocatalytic activity of TiO2 greatly affects the photocatalytic reaction rate, and the photocatalytic activity of TO2 is mainly affected by the crystal form and particle size of TO2.Anatase To2 has high catalytic activity.With the decrease of particle size, the probability of simple recombination between electron and hole decreases and the photocatalytic activity increases.In addition, porosity, average pore size, surface state, purity and so on have certain influence on its photocatalytic activity.In order to improve the photodegradation efficiency, the evolution modification of TO photocatalyst, such as preparation of nano TiO2, preparation of TiO2 compound semiconductor, metal ion doping, dye photosensitization and so on.TiO2 catalyst can also be prepared by various advanced methods to improve the activity of photocatalyst.Ozone is produced by splitting oxygen molecules in the air with a high energy ozone UV ultraviolet beam to produce free oxygen, or reactive oxygen species, which binds to the oxygen molecules due to the imbalance between the positive and negative electrons carried by the free oxygen species.UV + O2 → O- + O * (reactive oxygen species) O + O2 → O2 (ozone), ozone is well known for its strong oxidation of organic matter and its immediate removal of odors and other irritating odors.

Technical characteristics

Efficient and rapid odor removal

It can remove volatile organic compounds (VOC), inorganic matter, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptan and other major pollutants, as well as a variety of bad smell, deodorization efficiency can reach 80-90, deodorization effect greatly exceeds the national emission standards for odor pollutants (GB1455493).

No need to add any substance

Only the corresponding exhaust duct and exhaust power need to be set up to make the odorous gas be decomposed and purified through the equipment without adding any substance to participate in the chemical reaction.

No pretreatment and environmental requirements

The odorous gas does not need special pretreatment such as heating, humidifying, etc. the working environment of the equipment is between -30C-60 ℃, the temperature is between 30-98, and the PH value is between 3-11, all of which can work normally.

Small area of equipment, light weight

Suitable for special conditions such as compact layout, narrow site, etc. the equipment covers an area of less than 15 square meters/handling 10000m3/H air volume.

Low operating cost

The equipment has low energy consumption (only 0.54 degree per 1000m3/H treatment), no mechanical operation, no noise, no need of special person for management and daily maintenance, only need to make regular inspection, low wind resistance of equipment < 30pa, can save a lot of exhaust wind power energy consumption

Strong adaptability

It is suitable for deodorization and purification of high concentration, large gas volume and different odor gases, and can work continuously 24 hours a day, safe, stable and reliable operation.

High quality material manufacturing

High fire and corrosion resistance, stable performance, long service life and so on.

High-tech products for environmental protection

Adopting the most advanced technology in the world, vision, through long-term and repeated tests by experts and engineers and technicians of our company, the equipment products developed can completely decompose the poisonous and harmful substances in the odor gas, and can achieve perfect deodorization effect. after decomposition, the odor gas can be completely discharged harmlessly and will never produce secondary pollution.At the same time to achieve efficient and rapid disinfection and sterilization role.

HPUV type UV photocatalysis organic waste gas treatment equipment
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