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Because of the variety, complexity and nature of VOCs, in many cases it is difficult and uneconomical to use a purification technology.In the treatment of large air volume, low concentration of waste gas combustion and recovery, if there is no zeolite wheel, direct combustion, waste gas treatment equipment is not only bulky, but also the operating costs will be very large.

Therefore, in the treatment of organic waste gas, the combination of two or more purification technologies has been developed rapidly in recent years.Zeolite rotary adsorption concentration technology is a new technology developed for the treatment of low concentration of VOCs, and incineration technology.({ catalytic combustion or high temperature incineration }) or condensation technology to form zeolite rotary adsorption concentration + incineration technology and zeolite rotary adsorption concentration + condensation recovery technology.

Zeolite impeller concentrates the waste gas with high air volume and low concentration to the waste gas with high concentration and low air volume, so as to reduce the investment cost and operation cost of equipment and improve the high efficiency of VOC waste gas treatment.Using the advantages of different unit treatment technology, the combined treatment process can not only meet the emission requirements, but also reduce the operating costs of purification equipment.

Fundamental principles

The zeolite runner can be divided into treatment zone, regeneration zone and cooling zone, and the concentration runner runs continuously in each zone.The VOCs organic waste gas passes through the prefilter and passes through the treatment area of the concentrating rotary device.In the treatment area VOCs is removed by adsorbent, and the purified air is discharged from the treatment area of the concentration wheel.


The runner has a honeycomb structure.The wheel adsorption material is a hydrophobic molecular sieve which can adsorb organic solvents.The runner is divided into three zones, namely, the capacity zone, the cooling zone and the regeneration zone. the runner is driven by an electric motor and rotates at a speed of 1-6 rpm, the gas containing organic solvent flows through the treatment zone and becomes relatively clean air, and the content of organic solvent can be reduced to below 50mg/m, which meets the national environmental protection emission requirements.A part of the air containing organic solvent is heated to about 180 by the regeneration heater after flowing through the cooling area under the action of the regeneration fan, and is fed back to the regeneration area of the rotary wheel; when the regeneration air flows through the rotary wheel, the organic solvent adsorbed on the rotary wheel is desorbed under the action of the high temperature, and is carried away by the regeneration air at the same time,The ratio of the regenerated air to the treated air is between 1/3-1/10, and the concentration of the organic solvent in the regenerated air can reach 10 times of the concentration before the treatment. the rotary device is essentially a concentrator. the waste gas containing organic solvent after the rotary treatment is divided into two parts: the clean air which can be directly discharged and the regenerated air which contains high concentration of organic solvent.Regenerative air is fed into RTO (RCO) to oxidize organic matter, destroying the organic matter and producing CO2 and H2O to meet emission standards.

Application of runner

Treating the organic waste gas to be treated with RT (RCO) using the concentrating wheel will achieve the following results

1. RTO (RCO) organic waste gas treatment air volume greatly reduced

2.The concentration of organic solvent in the organic waste gas entering RTO (RCO) increases greatly, and the operating cost of RTO (RCO) decreases greatly.

Characteristics of zeolite runner

1、High adsorption and desorption efficiency

2、The pressure drop produced by adsorption of VOCs on zeolite runner is extremely low, which can greatly reduce the power consumption.

3. So that the original high air volume, low concentration of VOCs waste gases, into low air volume, high concentration of waste gases, concentration times of 5-20 times, greatly reducing the size of the reprocessing equipment, lower operating costs

4.The overall system is modular in design, with minimal space requirements, and provides a continuous and unmanned mode of operation.

5. System automation control, single key start, simple operation, and can be combined with the man-machine interface to monitor important operational data

Application field of zeolite runner device

1. organic waste gas treatment in gravure printing industry

2Organic waste gas treatment in semiconductor manufacturing (semiconductor integrated circuits, LCD)

3Treatment of organic waste gas in lithium battery manufacturing industry (electrode forming process, electrolyte filling process)

2.treatment of organic waste gas in painting industry (automobile, airplane, ship, bicycle, motorcycle, electric car, metal products)

3. organic waste gas treatment in chemical industry (phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, PTA latex, etc.) waste gas treatment in the pharmaceutical industry (vitamins, penicillin, etc.) waste gas treatment in the food industry

6. Treatment of organic waste gas in thin film industry waste gas treatment in household appliance industry

Zeolite runner
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