Regenerative catalytic oxidation (RCO) technology

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RCO overview

Regenerative catalytic oxidation unit( Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer),Combined with regenerative thermal oxidation and catalytic oxidation, this technology can reduce the temperature of RTO system, effectively improve the destruction efficiency and reduce the consumption of fuel.RCO system is based on the structure of RTO, adding a layer of special catalyst material in the oxidation furnace, using the catalyst oxidation to provide enough heat to destroy VOCs, in order to reduce the operating temperature of RTO system and improve the rate of oxidation reaction.Different from thermal combustion, RTO is flameless combustion, which can automatically shut off the heater when the inlet exhaust gas is treated above 300 ℃. It is widely used because of its environmental friendliness, high efficiency and energy saving.

RCO Technological principle

Before the furnace body carries out waste gas treatment, the heating chamber and the heat storage bed are preheated;After preheating, connect the waste gas source to the equipment.Under the catalysis of the auxiliary fan, the heat exchange of the organic waste gas is carried out by the preheated ceramic body A at first. the waste gas enters the heating zone after the first heat raising rotation, and the waste gas gets the second heat raising in the heating zone. at this time, the waste gas temperature reaches the temperature requirement of the reaction with the catalyst and enters the catalytic chamber to carry out the reaction to produce CO2 and H2O and release the heat energy.讯飞随声译:

The treated clean gas is then recharged by the ceramic regenerator B and discharged by the fan.When the temperature of the inlet temperature measuring rod of the exhaust fan reaches the set temperature, the valve is switched from the heat storage ceramic B to the exhaust gas precession to heat transfer, and from the ceramic heat storage body A to discharge, and so on.

Performance characteristics

1、The advantages of the system are as follows: 1, the process flow is simple, the equipment is compact, and the operation is reliable;

2、The purification efficiency is high, generally above 95;

3、Low operating cost, recyclable heat source, recovery efficiency > 95

4、No waste water produced, no secondary pollution such as NOx produced in the purification process

5、High efficiency, low energy consumption, low pressure drop

6、Continuous operation at relatively large volumetric flow rates without frequent catalyst changes

Scope of application

1、Stoving waste gas from chemical industry, paint, rubber, paint, shoe glue, plastic, enameled wire, metal printing, etc.

2、Waste gas treatment of enterprises or baking lines that need heat energy recovery, heat source recovery can be used for baking lines, thereby saving energy

3、Treatable organic substances including benzenes, ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, ethers and hydrocarbons

4、Used in combination with a zeolite rotor (as shown on the right) for a wide range of air volumes and concentrations

Regenerative catalytic oxidation (RCO) technology
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