Regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) furnace

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RTO overview

Regenerative thermal oxidation furnace (RegenerativeThermalOxidizer) is a kind of organic waste gas treatment equipment which combines high temperature oxidation with heat storage.Compared with the traditional catalytic combustion and direct combustion thermal oxidation furnace (TO), it has the advantages of high thermal efficiency (> 95), low operation cost, high air volume and low concentration of waste gas, etc. when the concentration is a little high, the secondary waste heat can be recovered, which greatly reduces the production and operation cost.

RTO process principle

The principle of RTO is to oxidize the organic matter (VOCs) in the waste gas to the corresponding carbon dioxide and water at high temperature, so as to purify the waste gas and recover the heat released when the waste gas is oxidized and decomposed. the decomposition efficiency of the waste gas in the three-chamber RTO is more than 99, and the heat recovery efficiency is more than 95.The main structure of RTO is composed of combustion chamber, regenerator and switching valve.According to the actual needs of customers, the organic waste gas is heated to more than 760 ℃ C when passing through the regenerator with different heat recovery methods and switching valve methods, so that the V OCs in the waste gas is oxidized and decomposed into CO2 and H2O in the oxidation chamber.Regenerator chamberAfter the heat is released, a part of the treated clean exhaust gas shall be introduced to clean the regenerator (to ensure a removal rate of OCs of more than 95), and only after the cleaning is completed can the regenerator enter the heat storage process, otherwise the residual VOCs is discharged into the chimney with the flue gas, thereby reducing the treatment efficiency.

Performance characteristics

1、The removal efficiency is high, the removal rate of general two-compartment RTO is more than 95, three-compartment RTO is more than 99.

2、Thermal storage efficiency > 95

3、Long service life, high degree of automation, easy maintenance

4、Good treatment performance, suitable for different concentrations of different components

RTO common specification size table




Air volume(Nm³/h

Two-room RTO(㎡)

Three room RTO(㎡)






















1、Other air volume can be designed separately

2、If there is a requirement for fuel, please specify when ordering

3、According to customer investment and equipment purification efficiency using two or three room RTO.

Scope of application

1.Paint, painting and printing and dyeing industry

2.Ethanol biofuel and self-product processing industry

3.covering material (glass fiber styrene formaldehyde)

4.printing ink, printing and other packaging industry

5.Fossil natural gas processing volatile organic compounds, organic chemistry

6.Rubber and tyre production

7.Waste gases contain substances toxic to the catalyst (e.g. metallic vapors such as mercury, lead, tin, zinc, and the presence of phosphorus, phosphide, arsenic, etc. over time, covering the surface of the catalyst inactivates the catalyst; the presence of halogens and large amounts of water vapor temporarily inactivates the catalyst)

8.Used in combination with a zeolite rotor (as shown on the right), it can be adapted to a variety of gas sources

Regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) furnace
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